Virtual SEX

Yesterday I was able to resist purchasing yarn and needles on the way home. Dude, the bus ride sucked. (It was terrible! The bus was 20 minutes late, the traffic was extra heavy at Solano and University, and we hit every red light between my house and work. I lost at least 35minutes of knitting time! That hat could’ve been nearly done by now!)

However, I was completely over come on eBay and I can’t even blame yarn fumes. I bought several yarns from mhspinzone. I love her stuff!

Now, I meant to buy this one:


It’s a turquoise sparkle shawl kit and broach. I plan to knit the shawl for my grandmother who hates pink, yellow washes her out and doesn’t care for dark blues. Like me, she’s attracted to things that sparkle a little bit (who knew loving shiny things was genetic?), but this mix won’t be too much for her. The yarn is a lovely mix of light teal brushed acrylic mohair, a mohair/wool boucle, a two tone turquoise and black acrylic, a deep green acrylic, a fine aqua nylon/wool boucle, a blue cotton and silver lurex sparkle and a bright cobalt braided lurex sparkle. I made a shawl for my stepmother last year with a tan version of this yarn and it was lovely. The pattern I’m going to use is just a big triangle (start with one stitch and increase on each end and stop when I get bored) using gigantic needles (US 17). I may or may not do fringe. I didn’t last time, but it was really, really, really close to Xmas when I mailed my step mom the shawl.

The rest of this stuff, I did not intend to buy, but it was on clearance and really pretty. (Yeah, I noticed everything I bought has a sparkle to it. I’m a magpie and I’m comfortable with that.)


100 lovely yards of Aqua Dusk Sparkle.


100 yards each of a gorgeous Charcoal Ember Sparkle, Silver & Black Sparkle and Black Rainbow Sparkle. (Also, I love that I’ve got 100 sparkling yards in Raiders colors! I just need to get a Cal blue and gold sparkle. Maybe I should suggest that?)


And lastly, 100 yards each of Adobe Gold Sparkle, Sandy Beige Sparkle, and Beige & Brown Sparkle. So pretty, so sparkly.

This virtual SEX is especially bad since I had SEX on Sunday and came home with a Lorna’s Laces explosion. I came home with these colorways:


Two skeins of Layette…



…and four skeins of River.

I can’t help it. Lorna’s colors are all so freaking beautiful! I want them all! This may be what I ask for for Xmas.


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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