Working On #4

I’m currently working my way through Xmas gift #4, a lovely basket weave scarf. This will mostly likely go to my youngest sister along with a matching hat. Originally, I’d thought to give it to the middle sisters fiance, but he wears hats and not scarves (he’ll still get a hat, just a different one). It’s a lovely piece of work:

basket-weave-scarf  grey-basket-weave 

(Yeah, I know my pictures suck. It’s dark by the time I get home and the flash completely obscures the pattern. It doesn’t help that the scarf is grey and so is just about every flat surface in my house [I may have to start taking pictures of my knitting on the kitchen floor, since it’s the only white surface in the house]. Besides, my camera is sub-par anyway. I keep telling Mr. Liu that I need a new one, so I can take decent pictures for my blog, but apparently that’s not a good enough reason to buy a new camera. I might have to arrange a cat-involved “accident” if I want a new one.)

Anyway, this scarf is knit up in a lovely yarn, Mission Falls 1824 Wool. It’s 100% superwash merino in Putty. This yarn is incredibly soft and just a joy to work with. The basket weave pattern is 4 stitches across and 6 rows. At least it is in most spots. Some sections may only be 5 rows, hard to know. I saw the pattern for this in Creative Knitting, though it has been modified. The pattern in the magazine called for 40 cast on stitches, which so wasn’t happening. I cast on 28 and the scarf is still plenty wide. I think I could have easily cut off another 8 stitches and it would still be plenty wide.

I kind of wish I had cut off 8 more stitches. Currently, I’m on ball number 4 for this bad boy. To be fair, each ball only has 85 yards, so it’s not an entirely ridiculous amount of yarn, but it’s getting pretty close. This last ball should make it scarf-y enough, and I can use the remaining two on the matching hat.

Some time next year, when Mr. Liu has completely forgotten about the gift yarn expenses I’ve incurred, I’ll go and but more of the Mission Falls yarns, in multiple colors. It’s just so nice to work with.

Kali totally agrees:



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