Election Night!


Woo-hooo! I spent election night at a friend’s house eating cookies shaped like Ohio and rejoicing in our new President-Elect. The awesomeness of the new first family is almost enough to balance out my disappointment in California passing Prop 8. Really, California? Really?

You’re probably wondering what the hell this has to do with knitting. Well, the two items are related, so nah!

Since I went over to my friend’s party and totally planned to eat all her cookies, I decided to bring a bottle of wine as a host gift. I was unable to locate a bottle of Palin Syrah, which would have been perfect for the party, so I brought the next best thing: Smoking Loon Syrah. Hey Mr. Liu and I thought it was funny!

Beforehand, I knit up this lovely little wine cozy from Knit 1 magazine’s website. I knit it in Fantasy by Dark Horse Yarns. It’s an acrylic/nylon blend that should be nice and sturdy. Since my yarn was already pretty colorful, I decided on the simplest of patterns. (If I knit up another one of these, though, I’m totally making the one in sage with the flounces at the bottom. Quick! Someone throw a party!) Here’s the finished product:


It’s even got a little ridge at the bottom. It’s really cute. Here’s a shot of it with the actual bottle in it:

 smooking-loon   bottle-in-cozy

(Yes, those photos were taken at BevMo. Stop laughing! Mr. Liu already got in all necessary giggling.)

Pretty cute, huh?


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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