Two Down…

Remember my market bag? It’s done. Actually, I finished up two over the weekend. Apples in our house will be going from this:

To this:


That is the small version of the bag. It’s very stretchy, so it will be able to accommodate oddly shaped items. I also knit a large version of the bag:

You can tell by the way Kali is looking at it, I did something wrong. The neck of the bag should have been knit in garter stitch like the small one was, but I knit it in stockinette. I didn’t actually notice until I’d already completed all eight rows at which point I decided I liked the stockinette better than the garter stitch anyway. (I don’t know if this is actually true or just a self defense mechanism I subconsciously employed so I wouldn’t have to do it again.) I even thought about doing the shoulder strap in stockinette with a two stitch garter border. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough yarn and, like they said during WWII, “garter is smarter” and takes up a lot less yarn.

I’m actually quite fond of this pattern. The small bag is good for bagging produce so I don’t have to use plasitc bags unnecssarily. The large bag would be great for larger market items (bread and pasta or something) or clothing.

Unfortunately, these bags are both destined to be Xmas gifts. Sometime after 01Jan09 I’ll knit one for myself. Right now I have no business even knitting that pumpkin.

Only two down and there are only 62 knitting days left before Xmas. I’d better figure out how to knit and work at the same time.


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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