Green Saturdays

Every Saturday, Mr. Liu and I get up, have breakfast while watching BBC America (mostly How Clean Is Your House, You Are What You Eat and Kitchen Nightmares), and then walk down the street to the local Farmers Market.

Mr. Liu and I try to do our part. We bring our own bags to the Farmer’s Market

And our own cups to Peets (the next stop after we have our fruits, veggies and pasta from the guy who looks like Jerry Garcia – awesome, by the way).

(Mine is the Cal one. It has a French Press lid for tea leaves. It is so awesome.)

Then it occurred to me, that even though we do our best not to bring home plastic bags (most of the food just goes into the bag, it’s all getting washed anyway), we still bring home at least one. Recently, it’s the one filled with apples. Mr. Liu has an apple with his lunch every day at work and I suspect he eats the rest while I’m at work, since we need more every week. It’s just impractical to hand the guy 10 apples one by one to weigh, which he’ll hand back one by one for us to bag. So, we still come home with at least one plastic bag every week. So I had this brilliant idea. I’ll knit the market bags I was talking about in the Xmas Knitting post. The first two will still be gifts, but the third will for our apples. It’s a pretty easy knit. I was able to finish up most of one before I became disgusted with the way Oakland was playing on Sunday (that happened sometime in the third quarter).

The yarn here is Rock, 40% Soysilk (whatever that really means), 30% wool and 30% hemp. It’s nice and sturdy and should hold up well. The pattern has a lot of yarn overs off set one stitch from the row above and below, which allows a stretchy quality to the bag. It should expand to accommodate more apples than we’ll actually bring home.

So, that’s what we do on Saturdays: walk to the Farmers Market, buy local, limit our plastic bag consumption, buy coffee using reusable cups and walk home. Darkness fully approves of our attempts at a semi-green lifestyle.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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