How Obvious It Is that I’m a Knitter

I was in Ross (my favorite store evah) the other day when I came across these two knit dresses:

Super cute, right? I tried them on and I must say that my rack looks awesome in these dresses. And at $10 each (a bargain!), I had to bring them home. But, this is Ross and it’s a Saturday so there are two cashiers and the line is looooonnnnnnggggg. So I’m standing in line admiring my soon-to-be new dresses, checking out the stitch pattern trying to figure out if I can do some of this stuff on my own. (Seriously, the lace work around the midsection is lovely. And there are rows of stockinette that are being pinched by blocks of reverse stockinette that are really neat. I still haven’t figured out those little blocks.)


So, I’m waiting in line and trying to figure out the mechanics of this dress, when the lady behind me looks over my shoulder and says, “You must be a knitter.” I say, “How did you know?” She says, “Only a knitter would stare that hard at that dress. It’s lovely.”

I don’t even have to have yarn out for people to figure me out any more.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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