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 Today K2Tog had an open house from 1-4pm. Now I had already decided I was going to go. They were giving everyone a chance to win a 50% off coupon at the store and that was too much incentive to pass up. Honestly, though, knowing there was yarn on sale would have gotten me there. (Not that I won. All I got was 5% off.)

Fortunately, today the Raiders had a morning game so I was able to watch the entire thing. They lost by TWO stupid little points. To the Bills. THE BILLS. So, it turned out, my yarn purchase was consolation yarn instead of victory yarn. Funny thing about consolation yarn is it seems to cost more. I’m lucky that K2Tog was packed, because I would be broke right now if I’d found their stash of silk yarn. This is what I came home with:

(Yes the cat bed is my new favorite place to take pictures of yarn.)

What I’ve brought home to my stash is Crystal Palace’s Merino Stripes (which seems to be discontinued), Crystal Palace’s Panda Silk DK in Fern Tones, South West Trading Co.’s Rock from the Vickie Howell Collection in Trent (grey) and Jack (cream), and South West Trading Co’s Oasis in Bistro. 

It’s all very pretty and it mostly made me feel better about Oakland’s loss today. I picked up some beer from BevMo on my way home and that evened out my universe.

I also brought home this card. It was too funny for me to resist:

Ain’t it the truth?


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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