Yarn Quest

Once upon a time, there was a Beautiful Princess who liked to knit. She had lots and lots of yarn in her palace which made it a very happy place to be.

One day, Prince Charming came to see her. They watched COPS and Ninja Warrior together and had a wonderful time. All the while, the Beautiful Princess was knitting.

“What are you making?” asked Prince Charming.

“Socks for a dear friend,” replied the Beautiful Princess. 

“I’m your friend aren’t I? Won’t you make socks for me?” begged the Prince.

“Sure,” said the Princess. “Just let me go to the yarn store. I have nothing here that will suit you.”

So the Beautiful Princess went off to the yarn store and found something that perfectly suited the Prince.

 A manly colorway call Pin Stripe, from Lorna’s Laces. But, alas, alack, the store had but one skein.

“I must have it,” thought the Princess. “It is perfect for my charming Prince.”

And thus began the Beautiful Princess’ yarn quest. She searched high and low for another skein to match this one, but to no avail. Even the website was of no help.

“Whatever shall I do?” moaned the Princess to her faithful feline companions.

“Meow,” replied the cats, who went back to sleeping.

“Of course!” cried the Princess. I shall go to the great Kingdom of Oakland and check out their yarn stores!

The Princess trekked out to the Kingdom of Oakland, which was a two bus trip during which she managed to miss each bus by mere seconds, forcing her to wait for 20min at each stop. Finally, she arrived at the yarn store and hunted desperately through their sock yarn. If the skein wasn’t here, she was simply going to have to find another, less perfect yarn for Prince Charming’s socks.

After much digging, there it was. The right yarn, the right colorway, the exact same dye lot number. The Princess was overjoyed and immediately purchased the yarn (and maybe some lace weight – don’t judge her) and brought it home to pair with it’s mate.


The Beautiful Princess was very happy and thought about what manly sock pattern to use when she saw a pattern for a really nifty hat and forgot all about the socks.

Prince Charming was secretly grateful that he did not receive the socks. He feared he may not have been appreciative enough upon receiving them and set the Beautiful Princess to tears.

The End


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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