Knitting, Knitting Everywhere

And not a thing to knit!

 This weekend I was inspired by Cal beating Washington State 66-3 and managed to complete one Monkey Sock (finally).

Near the end of last week I was ogling yarn on ImagiKnit’s website (don’t judge me) and found the links to their charity knitting. I thought to myself, charity knitting would be an awesome thing for a process knitter like myself. I can knit hats, blankets, socks and toys to my hearts content and no one can say, “Gee, don’t you think you’ve made enough of those? I mean, you only have one head,” because it’s for a good cause. It’s going to charity! This realization, in conjunction with $1.50 yarn at Michael’s, led to this hat below, modeled by Mr. Liu’s tiger, Lawrence Tiggersworth the Third (the Hobbs to Mr. Liu’s Calvin):


And ever so many more will follow. This item will be going to Knitting Pals, which donates hats to chemotherapy patients. I get to knit, chemo patients get hats and reminded that people care. Everybody wins.

I also started on what I’m calling the Sampler Scarf. It’s 10 in of garter stitch, 10 in of stockinette, 10 in of 2×2 ribbing, 10 in of stockinette and 10 in of garter. It’s knit in Lion Brand Chunky USA.


There will be a matching hat soon. This particular project was started on Sunday, when Mr. Liu and his BFF were watching the SF 49er’s game. Watching 49er games with those is stressful, especially if the game is close. Lace knitting is completely out of the question when someone is constantly shouting “Yes!”, “NOOOO!” and “There we go!” Unfortunately for Mr. Liu, I heard a lot more “NOOOO” than I did “YES.” Rough game. I can only hope the Raiders eat Denver alive and put them ahead in our annual “Your Team Sucks Worse Than My Team” contest. I believe the 49ers won that contest last year. While they managed to win one game more than Oakland, the Raiders improved their record by 100% from the previous year while SF got worse. (Hey, I can spin almost any season like that if I try hard enough.)

My current little knitting dilemma is the left over yarn from my clutch purse.  


(No, not the dreaded Panda Mask. That particular project is on a hiatus until I take the Fair Isle class at K2tog in October. We shall not speak of it.) There’s quite a bit of yarn left over (but not enough for a hat, of course) and it’s too pretty not to knit with. Any suggestions?


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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