A Finishing Weekend

This weekend I completed the fuzzy pink slippers and let me tell you, they were borrrring to knit up. The entire pattern was stockinette with a couple of increases, decreases and a yarn change thrown in for good measure. I finished them while Mr. Liu and I were catching up on old Monk episodes on our DVR. I was knitting and still figured out the crime before Monk did. That’s how little attention I needed to give what I was doing. They turned out nicely, though. To be fair, Darkness did help.


I think I know someone with a size 10 foot that wouldn’t mind pink fluff. Speaking of fluff, these slippers reminded me why I hate eyelash yarn. It shed all over my rug. First thing I did this morning was vacuum up all the little bits of pink fluff velcroed to the floor.

The other thing I completed this weekend was the cat bed that was so pathetically close to completion. It seriously took me 10 minutes to finish up the finishing. Kali showed some appreciation for my effort, though.


Since I finished not one, but two projects this weekend, I decided a reward was in order. So I set out on a stash enhancement expedition, known in some circles as SEX. I was able to reign myself in and only buy a couple of items.


What? I thought the newly finished cat bed would be an excellent way to showcase my latest acquisitions.

The bobbins of silver and gold thread, yeah, I know that’s not yarn. But football season’s coming up and the only thing I like better than knitting is knitting while Cal or Oakland is whipping some ass on the field. I plan to lace the gold thread with the blue yarn pictured  (Lion Brand Jiffy) in a simple ribbed scarf. I’ll do the same with the silver thread, but pair it with a soft black yarn that I didn’t buy today. Why not? If you know me, you know 75% of my wardrobe is black. My stash matches my tastes. I have lots to choose from.

The purple cotton (Rowan Handknit cotton) I’m going to use to make a dishcloth for my sister. On my last vacation I made a ton of dishcloths while we were on the road. One was a Transformer cloth that I gave to her fiance when they were escaping the heat of Bakersfield, Ca for a couple of days. She requested one with a hibiscus in purple. I’ve got the yarn, I just need a pattern.

The black and grey sock yarn colorway is called Pin Stripe by Lorna. I saw it thinking I could make a pair of socks for Mr. Liu (knitting curses end after marriage, right?), but just this lone skein was there. It was too pretty to leave at the the shop, so I bought it. I’ll check their website to see if I can get another skein of it. If not, maybe I can make some footsies or toddler socks. Or put trim on something. I don’t know. I’ll figure something out.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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