Stupid Panda Mask

This Panda Maskis my first foray into color work. Yes, I know it’s only two colors (barely), but I still have to string the black along so it counts. Right? I start the ribbed neck and I think to myself, this is okay. I’ve got a while before it gets hard. I finally get to the mouth. If you notice, it’s all puckers because I didn’t leave enough slack, but I figure I can cut the yarn and tie the ends so it doesn’t unravel. Reparable, right? By the nose, I’ve figured out how much slack to give the black yarn so it doesn’t bunch up strangely. I think to myself, “Color work is easy. Why have I been afraid of it for so long?” That’s when the Knitting Goddesses heard my thoughts and decided to punish me for my hubris with the eyes. The eyes!!!

  You see how the black on the side of the eye doesn’t seem to be attached to the white of the rest of the mask. Yeah. That’s because it’s not. I don’t know what the hell I did, but I certainly did it wrong. Plus since I had to cut the black yarn going across the eyes (so, you know, you can see out of it) there are lots and lots of yarn tails. None of which I had the foresight to weave in as I went. Now I’ve got a hot mess on my hands.

 I don’t even know how I’d attempt to weave in this mess. I was going to try to use the tails to anchor the eyes to the rest of the mask but every time I pull on one end, another end slips out. It’s a mess destined for the frog pond. I’m going to attempt to put in a life line right below the mouth and just undo everything with black on it and start over with less hubris, more foresight and crossed fingers that I get it right in only two tries.  

 Man, I was so close to being done, too!

Well, at least the cats are happy.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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3 Responses to Stupid Panda Mask

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  3. Iceni says:

    HI As regards carrying different colours so as not to pucker the work. Twist/weave the colour you are not using ,lightly around the colour you are. Don’t pull it tight, then you will be able to carry the unused colour to the end of each row.
    I have knitted a lot of Fair Isle garments and this is one way to go.
    Then you do not have to cut and tie each colour which looks messy on the inside.

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