Stash Enhancement

A while ago the bat signal was put out to knitters, crocheters and yarn lovers of all stripes that Madeline Tosh’s Lace was being discontinued. Upon learning this I very reasonably ran to the nearest computer with internet and snagged two skeins for myself:


I was clearly not the only person to do so because these were not the first two skeins I had selected. I had a different purple and blue selected initially, but these are also beautiful so we’re all good.

While I was at WEBS, I also snagged three balls of Kauni Effekt in the EQ (aka rainbow) colorway. There were only seven skeins in stock when I made my purchase. It took all of my will to not buy all seven.


I know it doesn’t look like all three of these are the same color, but they are. One is just wound in the opposite direction. I want to make a rainbow Viajante with it, but first I have to verify I have sufficient yardage. My knitting calendar is fairly full right now, so likely this won’t happen until sometime in 2015. Hey! If I’m short maybe I can get more for Christmas!

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Double Knitting

The Geek A Long I mentioned last post is a blanket that will be double knit. That way there are two “right” sides to look at and you get to tuck the ends in between the fabric. Basically, double knitting is nothing but win. I have never done any double knitting, so I decided I needed to give it a go before I started on the real deal to prevent it from mysteriously flying across the room. Fortunately, Dr Llama has a tutorial and a quick bookmark pattern for just such a purpose. I snagged two balls of Mission Falls 1824 from the stash, one black and one white. This is a technique that doesn’t really work with similar colors.

Like most knitting techniques I’ve learned over the years, double knitting is way easier than I thought it would be (I’m looking at you sock and mittens!). It’s neat in that you have two “right” sides that are the inverse of each other.


Although showing that in a photograph on such a small item is kind of hard.


You’re going to have to believe me.

The finished product is double the thickness of your chosen yarn worked singly. This will create a nice, warm blanket. Full of geek.

Now if my Knit Picks shipment would arrive so I could get started…

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Mystery Shawl Part Tois

And that title exhausts my knowledge of French!

The third and final clue for the Wend Knits mystery knit along came and went last week. I successfully and on time completed my shawl! Woo! Go me! In fact, I’m so pleased with myself I’m joining the SweaterBabe mystery knit along (scarf!) and Dr Llama’s blanket geek along that SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME ABOUT IN JANUARY!!!

Sorry about that. I’m a little emotional about it.

The final shawl blocking:


And a close up of the lace:


Isn’t it pretty? It got a really light steam blocking along the edge to keep it nice and pointy.

And here it is on my lovely model:



So you can see it’s a small shawl. A shawlette if you will. There are some short rows so it sits nicely on the shoulders without help.

This will be someone’s Christmas gift this year. Probably one of Mr Liu’s grandmothers. I’m thinking about knitting up a second one for the second grandmother. I’ll have to check the stash.

OH MY GOD IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! *breathes deeply into bag*

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It’s not just for lace!


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Dishcloth Down

On Sunday I was engaged in the rare activity of folding clean clothes and putting them away (usually I prefer to live from the basket, but there was a LOT of laundry) when I came upon this horror:


There is a hole in my prettiest dishcloth! This realization elicited a gasp of horror on my part. Mr Liu hearing it came running thinking it was another ant invasion. (Ants have been godawful this summer. Stupid drought.) When he saw what caused my upset he kind of rolled his eyes.

BabyLiu, always needing to be in the thick of things came running right behind Mr Liu. When she asked what was wrong I showed her the hole. She gasped and said “It has a ho.le! You MADE that! Daddy! It has a hole!” I gave Mr Liu a look if triumph and he rolled his eyes back and walked off.

That kid gets me.

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Mystery Shawl Part Duex

I completed the second clue from WendyKnits 2014 mystery knit along. On time! With minimal errors even!


Go me!

I found the ball band for this yarn, too! It’s Frog Tree Pediboo Worsted in charcoal. It’s a wool bamboo blend. Very squishy and pleasant to work with.

Kali has done an excellent job of supervising me.


The final clue was released today. By this time next week I should have an entire shawl!


Kali will believe it when she sees it!

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Tiny People

By now you know that I love Mochimochi LandĀ patterns. Like, a lot. A while back I had the pleasure of test knitting the Tiny People 2 patterns for her. The group includes a ballerina, a lumberjack, an astronaut and a sumo wrestler (my favorite).




*Note to self: Buy more colors for tiny knits.*

Aren’t they darling? BabyLiu is particularly fond of the lumberjack and his axe. That guy spends a lot of time cutting down the tiny trees I knit a couple of Christmases back.

The ballerina can also be had as a kit! Which is fantastic because right now if you buy two kits, you get a free mystery kit!!! Which I am going to do right this minute.**

I LOVE mysteries!


**I don’t get paid anything by Mochimochi Land. I just really, really love Anna’s stuff. :D

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